Loose weight

Published February 16, 2015 by tynkyca


If you ever wanted to loose weight and look fit,  then this is the right place for you.


Look at the girl from picture isn’t she gorgeous?


If you’re not motivated enough and wont sacrifice anything then do not expect any results.
If you want to loose weight quickly (its not healthy) but if you do then follow these steps and diet.
– diet:
         1st day only eat veggies,  no sweets no chocolate no meat no bread no milk or yogurt.
          2nd day only fruits
          3rd day veggies and fruits together
           4th day milk or yogurt for whole day
           5th day only meat
– exercise
       Squats(100 squats) crunches(50 crunches) jumping jacks (100) do 25 pushups plank for 1 min do wall sit 45secs go running do yoga.
But do not do all of these exercises only one day do it every second day.
Try to be as much as outside as possible.
– drink as much as water as possible
– start today
– when you’re hungry first wait for 15 mins to see if you’re really hungry and do smth fun while waiting to not think about the food.
Now remember have fun loosing that weight cause no pain no gain.(Lol)


Get that amazing dream body that every bitch that sees you will get so jealous she would do anything to hurt you.



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